NatalieLinked copyMy name is Natalie and I’m currently living in a small city just outside of Vancouver, BC with my boyfriend of five years, Matt.

After discovering my passion for design, I enrolled in the Bachelor of Interior Design program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Come mid-April 2017, I will finally have completed what feels like an eternity of schooling and will be thrown into the jungle that is the Interior Design industry!

It is my philosophy that Interior Design is simply the enhancement of everyday life. I believe that, if executed correctly, Interior Design should inspire a beautiful life.

I am also passionate about maintaining a healthy, work-life balance, though it has proven to be a difficult task throughout the last four and a half years of my schooling. When I do have time, I enjoy keeping active and adventuring through the natural world.

It is my hope that The Design Complex becomes a platform where I can share what I am currently obsessing over and emphasize the ways that Interior Design can be incorporated into everyday life to promote balance and well-being.



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