How to Create a Functional Home Office

Nowadays, many of us work from remote locations rather than in the typical corporate environments that our parents did. A few of us are even lucky enough to get to work from the comfort of our own home!

While avoiding the commute (and having to put pants on) seems like a dream, I gather it can be tricky to remain productive and maintain a healthy work-life balance when your office is 10 steps away from your bedroom. With that said, having the tools to create the best home office possible is crucial.

Below I’ve compiled information from a few of my favourite websites in order to outline some of the most important things to consider when planning your home office.

Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty’s post “10 Steps To Designing an Inspiring Home Office” showcases many tips for designing an uplifting home working environment.

Invest in Proper Seating

It is SO important to have the correct ergonomic set up in your home office. It is nearly impossible to work efficiently and be productive when you are uncomfortable. A supportive chair, correct desk height, and proper computer monitor set up can make all the difference!


Photo Credit: Decor Pad

Showcase Your Favourite Things

One of the best ways to ensure you love “going to work” is to surround yourself with your most prized and cherished possessions. Your space should be inspiring while promoting innovation and creativity. Displaying a few of your favourite things makes your space a little brighter and sets you up for success.

Favourite things

Photo Credit: The Everygirl

The Home Edit

The Home Edit’s post “11 Tips to a More Organized and Stylish Home Office” offers great ideas in regards to organization for home offices.

Bring Out the Baskets

Baskets are a fantastic way to organize! They allow you to compile like items and create an organizational system so that you know exactly where to find exactly what you need. They also help to clear some of the clutter that collects on top of surfaces within the space. Baskets come in a variety of colours and textures and can also be an easy way to add to your overall office aesthetic.


Photo Credit: The Crux

Organize and File Papers

Building on the basket idea, banishing clutter can help to create the ultimate functional office space! If loose papers and bills are taking over your office space, your brain is likely being taken over by them as well. Organizing and filing these papers into filing cabinets will get rid of some of the clutter. This results increased productivity as you know exactly where to find a document when you need it.


Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

Style At Home

Style At Home’s post “10 Home Office Essentials” features important elements in creating the perfect home office.

Incorporate Proper Lighting

Layered lighting within an office space is absolutely necessary! Ideally, your space should incorporate natural daylight (from nearby windows or doors), ambient or general lighting (from overhead ceiling fixtures), and flexible task lighting (from table or floor lamps). While aesthetics are obviously important (I mean, I am studying Interior Design..) it is also essential to ensure your task lighting actually illuminates what you need it to.


Photo Credit: Desire To Inspire

Count on a Clock

Whether it be mounting a large clock on the wall or placing a small clock on your desktop, knowing what time it is will help to keep you on track with your deadlines. Incorporating a clock as part of your decor will also ensure you are able to maintain more of a work-life balance as you’ll know exactly when to clock in and out.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.57.37 AM

Photo Credit: Michael Nangreaves Photography

If you are looking to create a functional home office, try incorporating a few of the tips above! Small changes can lead to huge increases in productivity and creativity.

Can you think of any other tips for creating home offices that inspire increased efficiency?




2 thoughts on “How to Create a Functional Home Office

  1. Agree with all of these tips, especially hiding clutter with baskets. I cannot be productive with paper clutter!
    Also, another thing I look for in an office/workspace is the correct desk & chair height! It can’t be too tall, that I’m reaching for the computer from my chair. There’s like a perfect pairing/ratio that I can’t explain! 🙂


    • Baskets are definitely a lifesaver and I totally agree that the correct desk and chair height is absolutely crucial! There is totally a perfect ratio that needs to be attained for ultimate comfortable (and productivity!).


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