Why Neutral Colour Schemes Don’t Have to be Boring

Are you of the mind that neutral colour schemes are boring and safe? If so, I’m here to change your perspective!

We are not all brave enough to incorporate bright, stimulating design trends within our interiors but that doesn’t mean that our spaces have to be dull and lacklustre. Neutral colour schemes act as the perfect backdrop for many bold design elements and principles!

Architectural details can be enhanced through the use of a neutral colour scheme. Rather than fighting for attention, arches, vaults, and beams become prominent features.


Photo Credit: Brit+Co


Photo Credit: Yatzer

A subdued palette allows textures and patterns to stand out and steal the show! Textural layering is a technique that can really transform a space but unfortunately it is often overlooked and under-utilized.


Photo Credit: Only Deco Love


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Scale and proportion can be successfully showcased through the use of a neutral colour scheme. Interest can be created within our interior spaces just through the consideration of the sizes of our furnishings.


Photo Credit: AD Magazine


Photo Credit: Stylish Eve

If being able to feature the design elements above is not enough to convince you that neutral colour palettes are anything but boring and safe, don’t worry!

Another plus to utilizing a less intense palette is that typically neutral schemes work with any design style as neutrals are classic! In addition, you’re much less likely to get sick of a neutral palette as you have the ability to add inexpensive, colourful design details and switch them out as you please.

There are endless opportunities to create visual interest within your interiors should you decide to stick with a neutral colour scheme. Would you incorporate a neutral colour scheme into your home?







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